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The Newest UV Roller Technology available in North America

UV, hybrid, and back & forth UV-Conventional have been a staple of the printing industry in Asia for many years. Printers there have discovered the importance rollers make in achieving high quality, trouble free printing in these technically challenging areas. Finally, that roller technology is available in North America!

Techno Roll selected Graphic Printing Roller for their high quality standards requisite for properly manufacturing this technology in North America. In December 2007, Graphic signed this exclusive license, and immediately began testing this compound against North American chemistry of inks, varnishes, primers, and solvents. In the 2 years hence, Techno Roll’s Trust materials have demonstrated excellent dimensional stability and chemical resistance, while maintaining excellent ink transfer. In use and in test in all types of harsh environments, the Trust material has proven as reliable as the chemical immersion tests indicated.

Whether you are using strictly UV curable inks, or your jobs require you to go back and forth between UV & Conventional inks, the Trust roller will eliminate the headaches currently associated with rollers. If you are strictly a UV printer, dimensional stability over the service life of the rollers and ink transfer (including dot gain) is the major battles you will have in printing high quality critical color signatures, and for those printers who do toggle back and forth between UV and Conventional inks, experience shows that it can take 2 to 3 jobs before the rollers acclimate to the new ink and begin transferring properly. With the Trust roller, these headaches are eliminated because of their unique chemical makeup that does not allow the ink permeation normally associated with either EPDM or Nitrile based compounds. Also, after proper washing, these rollers will allow you to print immediately going from UV to Conventional inks.

Some of the benefits you will find when using the Trust rollers include:

Improved ink transfer. Rubber rollers used in UV printing have ink fluidity problems including excess tackiness, slower drying times, and ink film strength deterioration. The Trust roller will enable you to print to a higher standard by solving the problems associated with instability by showing no roller surface tackiness, improved ink transfer, good shock absorption, excellent dimensional stability, excellent hardness stability, etc.

Excellent Stability. UV rollers & especially back and forth UV-conventional rollers suffer from instability caused by chemical changes on the surface of the rollers. Due to the unique nature of the compound, these rollers remain extremely stable both dimensionally, as well as in hardness. The result is more uptime for the printer because of less roller resetting, as well as better value because of their extended roller service life. Shorter Wash-up times. Due to the unique surface profile, wash-up times are reduced, and less solvent is required. Both these benefits will reduce costs, provide more uptime, and the environmental impact is lessened.

Less Ink Glazing. Over time rollers used in UV printing are susceptible to faster rates of ink glazing caused by the ink penetrating into the pores of the rubber and filling in these pores such that ink transfer comes off of other layers of ink. Due to the design of this compound, the Trust rollers resist ink permeation and provide a clean knapped roller surface necessary for proper ink transfer.

Excellent Dot Reproduction. UV ink monomer does not penetrate into the surface of the Trust compound resulting in improved ink lay-down that assures improved dot reproduction with less gain normally associated with UV printing. Regardless of the UV environment you print in, whether offset, dry-offset, or label printing, get the Trust roller working for you, and see why their value lowers your costs!