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Advancements in UV technology (including EB technology) have necessitated the expansion of roller compounds to include:

  1. Nitrile based compounds,
  2. EPDM compounds, 
  3. Resin based compounds

Graphic is fortunate to have all technologies available, and will work with its customers to tailor their technology with the proper roll coverings.  Both the printing process (lithography or flexography) and the chemical environment in which the rollers are exposed will help determine which of the these compounds is best suited for you.   Each has their unique attributes and limitations. 

Nitrile Based Compounds
This is the most common within the industry and provides a reasonable protection against most UV chemistry.  It is a good option for those going back and forth with conventional and UV curable inks, but is more challenged with the more difficult chemistry of metallic inks, opaque whites, and plastic inks.  However, nitrile based compounds are suitable for hybrid inks, and is a more economical choice for the budget conscious consumer.
EPDM Compounds
These can only be used with UV curable inks, and are incompatible with conventional or hybrid inks.  This is a chemically inert compound, which retards swell, and is useable with harsher UV chemistry.  It is a more open porous compound that allows ink permeation and consequently requires more scrutiny during washups.
Resin Based Compounds
This compound provides the best option for the quality conscious UV printer, enabling them to use any ink technology with ease.  Ink transfer is enhanced, ink permeation is retarded, and washups are fast and easy.  For those printers that go back and forth between UV curable and conventional inks, this compound provides the most stability.  Please follow the link to our "Latest UV Technology".