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Graphic RNP-11 Nylon Covered Print Rolls

Graphic® RNP-11 is an alternative covering to copper or ebonite ink rolls and a direct replacement for Rilsan® nylon.

RNP-11 is a thermoplastic synthetic material, also known as Nylon 11, which is now the most widely used coating for ink drums with Press Manufacturers. Second only to Graphic® HDP, its superior ink loving characteristics virtually eliminate stripping, poor ink transfers, and glaze buildup. RNP-11 is totally compatible with all inks and cleaners including those for UV technology.

Our unique manufacturing process fuses the Graphic® RNP-11 directly to the core body, eliminating the potential for slippage and peeling. Graphic® RNP-11 has excellent structural rigidity and dimensional stability. The result is a longer lasting, more durable product that resists stretching and surface damage.

Advantages and Features:

1.Resists stripping better than copper and requires no special re-treatment.
2.Application thickness of approximately .020 inches allows excellent cooling transfer.
3.Outstanding wear performance.
4.Excellent structural rigidity.
5.Hardness of 70 degrees on the shore D scale.
6.Highly compatible with all inks and washes including UV technology.
7.Low level of water absorption.