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Metal Decorating

The Metal Decorating industry uses various methods to achieve the final product.  Regardless of what method, they all need proper coverings that enhance the transfer of coatings.

Varnish Rolls

Water-based paints or varnishes require increased wettability, improved cut-resistance to flanged edge marking, and chemical resistance.  Our Monkal® Series Polyurethanes are designed to do just that.  Taken from our color coating technology, the Monkal® Series compounds have improved surface tension properties that enhance the transfer of paints, varnishes, & lacquers.

The advantages of the Monkal®

           • Double filtered material provides purity and homogeneity of mixtures
           • Excellent wettability
           • Excellent grinding quality
           • Resistant to flanged edge marking
           • Easy to cut and engrave
           • Resists swelling & chemical abrasion