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Coating Rollers

Coating Rollers

AGR Series:  This carbon filled nitrile based compound is designed to take on additional load and cut resistance for water based coatings.  Its abrasion resistance is well suited for difficult blanket cutouts that typically mark or cut the roller as it travels over the edges of the cutout.  As well, the nitrile compound provides superior transfer of coating, especially for difficult satin or matte coatings.  Durometer ranges from 50 to 80 shore A.

T36 Series:  From Europe by Hannecard, this EPDM compound has superior dimensional stability against harsh solvent & UV based coatings.  This green compound is an OEM product for many European based coating machine manufacturers.  Durometer ranges from 45 to 65 shore A.

Monkal:  From Europe by Hannecard, this polyurethane coating application roller provides resistance to edge cut, and improved quality of transfer of the liquid coating.  Durometers range from 45 to 60 shore A.

Other:  Graphic provides a wide range of compound offerings including Nitrile, EPDM, Hypalon, Neoprene, & Polyurethane.  One of our technical representatives can help determine the best selection for your particular environment.