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Graphic HDP

Graphic HDP is a high performance roller replacing hard covered rollers including copper, nylon and rilsan in the oscillating/vibrator position of the inking train.

This exclusive product, held under patent in Canada and the United States, carries a 5 year warranty against workmanship and material deficiencies.

Graphic HDP material provides greater ink affinity (receptivity) improving ink/water control, virtually eliminating ink stripping. Its improved resiliency provides greater resistance to surface damage caused by abrasive inks and acids. Quicker startups, make readies, and changeovers as well as lower maintenance time and expenses are some of the benefits reported by users of the product.

Temperature fluctuation within the ink train and between each roller is narrowed ensuring a more consistent distribution of ink from startup to completion and from job to job.

Through an exclusive process, we can recover old or damaged oscillating and vibrator rollers quickly and economically.