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Ink Metering Rollers

Ink Metering (or Micrometric or Feed) rollers for continuous inking systems play a crucial role in determining the flow and transfer of ink through the ink train.  Most trains have very short inkers, which require the ink metering roller to ensure a delivery of constant ink flow, regardless of the quantity.  This is extremely critical when printing spot colors.  Also, with the use of more recycled papers, and lower grade papers, dust travels through the inker and is pushed towards the ink fountain ball roller.  Consequently, the ink metering roller is subject to continued physical abrasion, while still being required to provide a consistent & constant flow of ink.

The Graphic® Micrometric's unique surface design allows greater ink affinity and improves ink-water control.  At the same time, it eliminates the stripping and surface damage caused by abrasive inks and acids, allowing you to save time during startup and make-ready.  More importantly, it accommodates varying web widths without the worry of erosion on your ink feed.

The Graphic® Micrometric comes in 2 styles, knurled and helicoidal grooves.  Both styles allow for lint to more easily pass between it and the ink fountain ball roller thereby substantially reducing press maintenance time and expense.

The Graphic® Micrometric is ground and finished as it is mounted in the press, and holds a tolerance of less than 10 microns, ensuring concentricity and parallelism.  It is available in either Rilsan® nylon or our HDP coating.