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Folder Nip Rolls

Are your folder nips slowing you down?

Graphic Printing Roller knows the importance of these critical parts to your overall ability to run your equipment at top speed.  Speed Differential, Gain and Cutoff are terms we take very seriously when making or reworking your Folder Nips.

Our manufacturing process ensures adhesion, durometer, T.I.R., and surface quality so that your machine folds exactly as designed.  Consistency is the key to overall performance.  Consistency in specification and consistency in gap seams ensures that your Folder Nips perform as designed each and every time they are changed with the least amount of setup time as possible.

Our polyurethane coating ensures exceptional wear and stability and can be color-coded for Gain, if requested.  Dynamic balancing is also available upon request.

We would like the opportunity to show how our products perform in your printing equipment.  We guarantee you will be able to measure the Gains of doing business with Graphic Printing Roller