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The coating application in the wood industry is extremely sensitive to surface imperfections, swell, and cut resistance.  The application of stain in micron layers does not permit for the slightest surface defects, and consequently the roller has a crucial impact on the quality of the coated product. The Monkal® Polyurethane provides stability to the process with repeatable performance.  We are able to achieve a scratch-free surface including micro abrasions.  Thanks to the development of this superior cover, you will experience an improvement in the wood coating process.

The advantages of the Monkal®
• Surface tension properties that improve the spreading and transfer of the coating
• Easy to grind
• Surface texture that allows a Ra roughness value between 0.6 & 2.0µ
• Special formulations for color coating and chem-coating that resists swelling & chemical abrasion
• Double filtered material that permits constant quality and pinhole free material
• Available hardness: 40 – 65 shore A
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