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Graphic Micrometric

Graphic Printing Roller Ltd. has developed a superior ink feed roller for continuous inking systems such as those found in Goss and Harris presses, that can result in substantial time and cost savings.

The Graphic Micrometric's unique surface design allows greater ink affinity and improves water-ink control. At the same time, it eliminates the stripping and surface damage caused by abrasive inks and acids, allowing you to save time during startup and make-ready, and accommodating varying web widths without the worry of erosion on your ink feed. During operation, the Graphic Micrometric won't damage the adjacent fountain ball roller, should they come in contact, and lint is more easily passed through the deep knurl construction virtually eliminating scoring, thereby substantially reducing press maintenance time and expense.

The Graphic Micrometric is ground and finished on its bearings to hold a tolerance of .0005" TIR, ensuring concentricity and eliminating lost time inserting bearings. Through an exclusive process, we can recover old ink feed rollers, often at a fraction of the replacement cost.