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UV Roller Washes

 Introducing Graphic’s UV Wash Technology

 At Graphic, we realize that washes are critically important in the complex printing process using UV curable inks.  Ensuring that your washes can clean your press without damaging your rollers is key to protecting your roller investment while reducing downtime and frustration.  As UV printing evolves using more chemically challenging inks (LED, H-UV, Metallic, Plastic, Opaque, etc.) your rollers need to enhance transfer, but yet are washed with older chemical technology that can harm their surface and damage the fine balance needed to print successfully.  

That is why Graphic has developed specific formulas that match your roller chemistry with your most difficult UV cleaning task.  Introducing:

v  UV EMX  -  for mixed printing & matched to Graphic’s E-MIX & Trust compounds

v  UV TRZ  -  for more challenging inks & matched to Graphic’s Trust compound

v  UV LED  -  for LED & H-UV inks & matched to Graphic’s Trust compound

v  UV EVR  -  for more challenging inks & matched to Graphic’s EVR compound

To further enhance the cleaning of your rollers, use Graphic’s SY-3 deep cleaning paste that will restore your rollers back to their original color while de-glazing and eliminating roller stripping.  Great for quick color changes, the SY-3 is specially formulated to work with our E-MIX & Trust compounds.

Together, and along with our detailed cleaning regimen, your roller life will be extended and trouble- free, where balance will be restored in your pressroom!