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Ink Roller Compounds

Inking Rollers

E-Tech Series:  New for 2013, this series of compounds are designed to provide exceptional dimentional and hardness stability that also provides further dynamic efficiency.  Durometer ranges from 25 to 40 Shore A.

  • E-Speed: with the advent of higher printing speeds and the resultant increase in roller RPM, coupled with more nip points on that roller, and more difficult ink & cleaning chemistries, this compound is designed to withstand increased rotational forces on deflecting soft durometer rollers resulting in exceptionally stable roller
  • E-Mix: the alternating use of conventional & UV printing inks requires the application of a roller covering that can tolerate opposing ink compositions equally well.  Stabiizers are added to the polymeric plasticizers and carbon black to create a stronger carbon bond within the elastomeric chain resulting in a compound that can withstand the increased dynamic forces & frictional heat in which these rollers are exposed.
  • EVR:  for straight UV & EB curable inks, this EPDM based material is impervious to more challenging chemical environments, yet adds dimensional stability and surface strength as its physical characteristics, unlike most EPDM compounds on the market today. These attributes allow for its stability at high speed making it a good selection for newer high speed sheet-fed presses, as well as UV towers for high speed web-offset printing. 
  • ESQ:  see water rollers section

N-Series:  These proprietary compounds allow for greater flexibility within today's printing environment, and allow Graphic the ability to tailor the compound to a specific printing environment  

  • IGR Series: Designed to run at 3000 fpm, this compound has proven to be the most stable compound dimensionally and for hardness, and will maintain equipment specifications over the service life of the roller. Durometer ranges from 22 to 45 shore A.
  • HTP Series: This straight NBR is a mineral based compound that is extremely effective for business form and letterpress printing. Durometer ranges from 20 to 50 shore A
  • P9 Series: This NBR blend is designed for hybrid inks and a lower cost alternative for UV printers, specifically in the single width web market. Durometer ranges from 25 to 45 shore A.

R-Series:  These resin based technologies are designed for better chemical stability in certain challenging printing environments.  The Trust compounds from Japan are exceptional compounds for UV & Hybrid environments, specifically in medium speed lithography and high quality Label printing.

  • Trust Zeta: Optimal material for UV inks, Hybrid inks, & back & forth UV-conventional printing. Excellent for dry-offset and label printing. Durometer ranges from 24 to 60 shore A.
  • Trust WL: Designed for Waterless printing, this compound’s anti-static characteristics make it ideal for waterless UV, dry-offset, tin cup, & label printing. Durometer ranges from 25 to 60 shore A.
  • Ryno Rollers: The patented Ryno product is now back in Canada. It provides a superior soft touch and smooth surface, which enable good ink transfer and superior reproduction of dots in the halftones. It will help with shock streak and reduce ghosting. Durometer ranges from 15 to 45 shore A.