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Color Coating & Chem-Coating

Today, the steel & metals industries are facing a lot of challenges that is pushing industry leaders to find better products, lowering costs and improving the performance and quality of their production units.

Covered rollers play an ever important part in the processing of coils, including Pickling, Coating, Galvanizing, and Annealing. This is particularly true of coil coating applications for the steel, aluminum, and other non-ferrous materials.

The use of coating machines has become the preferred technique to apply “chemical” coatings, such as passivation and pre-treatment products or water-based coatings. The coating application roller has a crucial impact on the quality of the coated product. The quality of transfer of the liquid coating, the rolls resistance to edge cut, as well as the overall service life of the covered roll, greatly impact the costs of manufacture of the coil. Thanks to the development of a superior covering concept, you will experience an improvement in the coil coating process.

The advantages of the Monkal®
• Surface tension properties that improve the spreading and transfer of the coating
• Easy to grind
• Surface texture that allows a Ra roughness value between 0.6 & 2.0µ
• Special formulations for color coating and chem-coating that resists swelling & chemical abrasion
• Double filtered material that permits constant quality and pinhole free material
• Available hardness: 40 – 65 shore A
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