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Machining Centre
Carbon Fibre Cores

Graphic Printing Roller Ltd. offers a variety of ancillary products to facilitate your roller buying decisions.

Graphic Printing Roller has a full machining centre on site that enables us to repair worn bearing surfaces and bring them to proper specification, quickly and cost effectively.

As an authorized dealer of quality bearings, we can supply bearings for your inventory, or installed on your rollers. You can protect your roller investment by installing new bearings, and should you choose to have us supply and install the bearings, your rollers will be delivered press-ready.

Technical Specifications                                                 Industrial Applications                                   Max Diameter - 725mm or 28.5” Max Length - 6 meters or 236” Max Weight - 5 metric tonne or 10,000#’s   Graphic Arts Applications                             Max Diameter - 300mm or 12.0” Max Length - 3 meters or 118” Max Weight – 0.5 metric tonne or 1,000#’s   Roller Compounds  

88 Shore A to 100 Shore A