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Machining Centre
Carbon Fibre Cores
Technical Specifications                                                
  • Industrial Applications                                  
Max Diameter - 725mm or 28.5”
Max Length - 6 meters or 236”
Max Weight - 5 metric tonne or 10,000#’s
  • Graphic Arts Applications                            
Max Diameter - 300mm or 12.0”
Max Length - 3 meters or 118”
Max Weight – 0.5 metric tonne or 1,000#’s
  • Roller Compounds  

88 Shore A to 100 Shore A

0-28 P&J 

up to 72 Shore D

  • Rubber Types                                                   

Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene, Hypalon, Silicone, EP-Sil blends, Ebonite, Anti-Static nitrile/neoprene/hypalon, Corona Treater Silicone

  • Urethane Types                                              
Ether & Ester urethanes, Specialty Coating applications, Folder Nip (high abrasion resistant) applications 
  • Other Roller Coatings                                    

Nylon, High Density Plastic, Chrome, Anodizing, Ceramic, Copper, Delrin,  

  • Other Services                                                    
Dynamic Balancing, Static Balancing, NDT Testing, Water-leak Testing, Mig/Tig Welding, Liquid Nitrogen , Spray Welding